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KONGSHENG KS-10BH TINGHARP 10 Holes Blues Harmonica designed for people range from professional performer to beginners, its cover made by stainless steel, while the comb made by resin. A solid structure brings excellent air tightness. Import phosphor bronze reeds guarantee the sound quality. In a word, this is a harmonica with excellent appearance and sound quality.

10 Holes Blues Harmonica staccato skills:
Making a snare with your tongue is simpler and more practical than controlling breathing. So here to teach you several kinds of staccato skills. Just like speaking, when playing, try: "ta-ta-ta" or "cha-cha-cha", "da-da-da", "ba-ba-ba", "la-la-la "Or "ka-ka-ka" Making these different sound effects requires the tongue to "sit out" different "positions," and many harmonica artists use sound effects of "da", "ka", and "ta" better.

Inhalation practice:
The opposite of the previous exercise. All the sounds that were blown were changed to sounds that were absorbed, and the sounds that were sounded were changed to blown sounds. Do not use the nose when inhaling.

Features of 10 Holes Blues Harmonica
Body Material: Resin
Number of Holes: 10
Pronunciation Method: Diatonic
Type: Blues Harp
Cover Material: Stainless steel
Model Number: KS-10BH
Reed Material: Phosphor Bronze
Dimensions: 103X30X22 MM
Reedplate material: Brass
Accessories List: 1 cleaning cloth / 1 Box

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