Seydel Session Steel Special Tuning Circular / Melody King Tuned 10309 Includes Free USA Shipping


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If you add valves it will take up to three weeks for delivery. Seydel will install your valves and ship direct to you. Info on Valves available here.

we have 1LF#, 1G, 1Ab, 1A, 1Bb, 1B, 1C, 1Db, 1D, 1Eb, 1E, and 1F in stock

Blues Harmonica with corrosion-free stainless steel reeds, ergonomic covers and plastic comb.

Please note: Seydel currently stocks the special tuning Circular only in the most commonly ordered keys G, A and C. All other keys of the Zircular tuning can be manufactured on demand. Please allow that to take at least a few working days more than usual to arrive (for USA/CAN customers 2-3 weeks more). If you are ordering valves they also will take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

On the Circular/Melody King variant of the SESSION STEEL the major scale can be played simply by alternating draws and blows (no note bending is required). On a Circular tuned harmonica up to 12 different chords can be played depending on which channels are played at a time. Seven modes can be played on the Circular/Melody King very easily. The first note in channel one blow is the key displayed on the harp, though the major scale is playable 5 semitones (a fourth) higher than the key the harp is labelled in: the major scale starts in hole 2 draw.

  • ergonomic coverplates made of stainless steel, completely rounded at the mouthpiece
  • ABS comb with recessed German Silver reedplates
  • rivets and screws made of stainless steel
  • lips and beard-friendly design
  • minimal air consumption achieved by fine-cut reedplates, optimized flatness and extremely
  • small tolerances between reed and reedplate
  • stainless steel reeds provide the best clear and full sound and response of the 1847 models
  • an up to 5 times longer playing life compared to models with brass reeds
  • with convenient genuine leather pouch

The SESSION STEEL - Sounds stronger - lives longer

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Order replacement reed plates from here
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