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The 1847 LIGHTNING with polished stainless steel reeds - a dream for all harmonica-lovers

The 1847 LIGHTNING is made without compromise: the best components available and SEYDEL’s masterly craftsmanship were used to build this harmonica lover’s dream.

What makes the 1847 LIGHTNING so special?

For the first time we created polished stainless steel reeds for the best responsiveness, a beautifully balanced fat tone and a very long lifetime. The 1847 LIGHTNING is available in 16 keys ranging from LD to F. It comes as well in a >set of seven instruments.

The 1847 LIGHTNING comes with a polished solid comb made of stainless steel that gives the instrument not only extra weight (155 g / 5,5 Oz) but as well adds a very resonant component to the sound.

The shiny stainless steel cover plates with the special 1847 3D-imprint and side vents are completely rounded at the front and opened wide at the back for the best sound projection towards the audience.

All parts (even the rivets and screws) are made of anti-corrosive materials. The 1847 LIGHTNING is designed to be a lifetime companion and ready for any musical challenge.

The 1847 LIGHTNING - sound refined to perfection

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Rockin Ron’s music is the most customer oriented harmonica shop I have ever dealt with! Highly recommend.

James B.
For Those Who Demand The Best

I am certainly not an expert when it comes to playing harmonica. However, over the years, I have had many experiences with different brand names of harmonicas. At one point in my life, I was pretty sure what my favorite harp was. That was until I got my hands on this Seydel 1847 Lightning in the Key of Low F#. This harmonica has quickly risen to the top of my favorites list. This harmonica is built extremely well and it plays far beyond my expectations. If a person truly loves to play the harmonica, it makes little or no sense to purchase cheap or inferior instruments. The cost of these Seydel 1847 Lightning harmonicas is rather expensive compared to lesser models but then again you get what you paid for. I have heard and read all of the objections for purchasing one of these harmonicas, but I just do not agree with any of this reasoning. This particular model of harp is the cleanest, most smooth and easiest harp I have ever stuck in my mouth. I bear this testimony because this is truly what I think. In addition, doing business with Rockin Rons Music even makes this purchase all the better. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

Carl B.
Always the first harp I reach for now!

I'm not a harp artist, I'm a drummer who tinkers. I bought a cheap harmonica one day and got hooked though, and I never do anything halfway. I play everyday now and have tried all the major brands, always thinking the next harp was all I was missing. Turns out, what I was missing was online tips, lessons, and a lot of practice! Who'd a thunk it!
I can tell you, though, through my long journey (which we all know will never end), that every brand of harp has its' own sound-nothing wrong with any of them- they're all distinct and we all have a favorite!
My favorite is this Seydel 1847 Lightning, key of C. I bought mine from Ron about two years ago, and what I like first is the incredible heavy weight. I believe you could rough frame a house with it! The second is the absolute beauty from top to bottom, front to back, full mirror polish. The third, and this was my biggest surprise, the full mellow tone of the reeds. Being stainless steel I was kind of expecting a trade off of sound for durability. I was so wrong. This reed plate is high end as any brass or phosphor-bronze that I have played and it has, so far, not shown a bit of fatigue!!
I still have good practice harps that get tossed around or carried in my pocket with my keys, but my 1847 Lightning is always cased when not using, and is always the first I pull out when playing for someone. I actually believe THIS harp has made me a better player because I enjoy it so much!!! Thanks SEYDEL and thank you RockinRon!

eddie c
worth every penny

Received my Lightning key of #C, best harp i have ever played. A little expensive but worth the money, definitely buying more! Thanks Ron for your great and fast service.

Jim M
Unbelievable Harp!

Just received my Seydel Lightning (Key of C) today. All I can say is WOW! Aside from being a an awesome looking harmonica, it plays as well as it looks. It also has a nice heft to it. From the moment you pick it up you feel the difference of the heavier weight. Yes, it's pricey. But well worth owning. The tone alone is worth the investment. It's like having a custom made harmonica.