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The ideal instrument for accompaniment and playing melodies: the CONCERTO STEEL STAR 6

You may know this situation? You are hiking or celebrating with your friends. Someone starts singing a well known song in a confortable round - what is missing is an instrument for accompaniment: an accordeon is too big and a guitar maybe too bulky ...

The CONCERTO STEEL STAR 6 is a versatile pocket-sized instrument for accompaniment that can create a very good mood instantaneously - we guarantee that its accordeon-like sound is very convincing!

Technical and musical features:
Six CONCERTO STEEL Octave Harmonicas form the CONCERTO STEEL STAR 6. These are tuned in Richter-tuning, giving each instrument the tonic blow chord (root or I-chord) and the dominant-7 chord if you draw (V chord).

These chords let the player accompany simple (traditional) songs. However, the important subdominant chord (IV-chord) is not available. In contrast, the CONCERTO STAR 6 provides the full cadenze:

The solid star-shaped bracket made of polished stainless steel holds six CONCERTO STEEL octave harmonicas. Their arrangment follows the principle of the Circle Of Fifth. The two turned stainless steel handles in the pivot axes let the player swap instruments very conveniently: the star is simply turned horizontally in front of the mouth.

The order of keys in the approved standard configuration is Bb, F, C, HG, D and A.

The most commonly used cadence (I, IV & V) becomes playable with the IV-chord included! With that logical arrangement of the instruments in the CONCERTO STEEL STAR 6 it is very convenient to find the right chord very easily and fast. The full cadence can be played in the most commonly used keys: Bb-, F-, C-, D-, G- and A-Major.

Many of the chords available on the CONCERTO STEEL STAR 6can be played both as a blow chord and a draw chord. This helps a lot to not run out of air while playing even long pieces! The instruments comes in a practical bag made of black cloth.

The CONCERTO STEEL STAR 6 is a full-fledged accompanying instrument compact in size that can keep up very well with an accordeon or an acoustic guitar!

The Circle Of Fifth displays the subdominant chord (IV) counterclockwise from the Tonic chord (I). Clockwise you will find the dominant chord (V)!
Example for a piece in the key of C:
F-Major <-- C-Major --> G-Major
Subdominant chord (IV) <-- Tonic chord (I) --> Dominant chord (V)

You can freely configure the CONCERTO STEEL STAR 6 in other key combinations (all semi-note ranging from A to HG are possible).

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