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Pursuing the lightest response and tone of all Suzuki 10-hole harmonicas.

New reed design is developed exclusively for the Manji Sky while pursuing lightest reed response and tone among Suzuki's 10-hole harmonicas. You will feel the character of its tone especially when playing in the mid to low range, which is frequently used with 10-hole harmonicas.

Manji Sky offers light tone while Manji offers deep and thick tone. Please try and feel the difference between the two models.

Choose models depending on the sound you want and playing style.

MANJI SKY for playing fast phrases

MANJI SKY is good for a music with phrases that require vamp or quick note changes.

Body and cover material following MANJI

MANJI SKY has the same body as MANJI. The material used is resin mixed with wood fibers extracted from trees, which combines the tone of wood with the durability of plastic. Wood has countless small spaces, which is one of the reasons for the warm tone unique to wood. Similarly, the body also reproduces that structure inside. (*Cross-sectional view). The solid body reinforced with wood fibers produces a warm sound that is different from the tone created from ordinary plastic body, and because the body itself transmits the sound, it features a sound that sounds like the entire harmonica is groaning. There is no deformation caused by moisture, which is a problem with wooden body.

MANJI's distinctive cover

MANJI SKY uses the same cover as the well-established MANJI. The cover shape with the entire back open is designed to allow the reed sound to resonate without loss. Large sound holes are also provided on the sides of the covers to provide the best sound return to the performer. It has a traditional shape to provide a player with exquisite hold feeling and sound projection.


Range 10Holes 20Notes
Material Stainless Steel Cover
Solid body with natural wood fiber
Keys Major 14keys
Starting with 7 keys(G,A,Bb.C,D,E,F) at the time of release.
Measurement 100x27x18mm
Weight 65g
Accessory ABS case

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