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New Shipment has arrived.
Over the years, many of you have asked us to offer the Yonberg Harmonica line.  We are now the USA dealer for this fantastic high quality line of harmonicas. This is our first order with Yonberg. Yonberg suggested we start with this model and these keys. We will add more keys and models to the line as we see a demand for them.  Lets see how it goes. Please email us with any other Yonberg models or keys you would like to buy. We will do our best to get them in.
The D2 Typhoon diatonic harmonica is made in France. It is equipped with stainless steel Gamma reeds®.
Gamma reeds® offer high performance and exceptional durability. They generate a warm, powerful and very rich in harmonics sound that characterizes the “Yonberg’ sonic signature”.
The metal plates of the Typhoon receive a special treatment which produces a majestic black crystalline finish. This model is available in a Black finish.
Each harmonica is supplied in an empty case with a mini screwdriver.

 "just intonation".


 Technical specifications:


  • Weight: 86 gr
  • Length: 4.33 inch
  • Thickness: 0.82 inch
  • Width: 1.49 inch at the Hole 1 side and 1.02 inch at the Hole 10 side
  • Covers*
  • Key cap*
  • 04 inch stainless steel, deep crystalline black rigid plates
  • Black screws
  • Black comb*
  • Reed-plates
  • Stainless steel Gamma reeds®
  • Pivoting arms* that anchor the reed-plates
  • Patented Quick and Easy Dismantling Dystem of the instrument to clean it very easily (QDS system)

* Tritan®, high performance food grade resin


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dr. Divots
Yonberg is the future!

I have been playing Yonberg Harmonicas for about 2 years now. A few more keys need to be purchased to totally transition over--picked up a Typhoon in D. These harmonicas are well built, tight and LOUD! Very easy to get single notes, regardless of your method. I really enjoy the fact that the cover plates cannot be crushed on the Typhoons!!!! Extremely easy to service! I also picked up a case and a sheath. Both very well made. An extra special thanks to Ron, Johnna, and their team--quick and easy customer service--received my order much earlier than expected. Would absolutely purchase from RockinRon's again (Still need an Ab & Db). Unfortunately, I do not think Yonberg makes a F# or High G--I may need to stay with Lee Oskar on those two.

Ralph Trueblood
Precision manufacturing

As far as playability, you have to try one out and see for yourself. To my mind, they play similarly to Seydels. They are constructed differently from anything else out there. I owned a machine shop for many years and was on the team that designed the Segway Human Transporter, and I am amazed at the quality, precision, and consistency of the Yonbergs; vastly superior to anything else on the market, construction wise. Three screws hold everything together in precise alignment. Check one out for yourself. I think they sound great too.